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Fisherman of the fundy believe the flavour improves if the lobster is eaten outdoors, preferably in site of a fishing village, where the smell of lobster mingles with the scents of pine and sea wrack a low tide.

The taste is even better if the scene includes some lobster traps a lobster boar and a gang of hungry seagulls hanging around! HALLS HARBOUR offers this perfect setting - it is the essence of "LOBSTER IN THE ROUGH".

One of the great eating experiences of a Nova Scotian summer!

Specializing in live or cooked lobster at market prices.
All sizes available 1-15lbs

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A little something to prepare you for the main course, or as a between meal treat, our appetizers are hot and ready to please.

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Signature dish graphic

Make it a family day and bring the kids, there is lots to see, do, and enjoy and our children's menu is no exception.